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catsmeat potter-pirbright [userpic]

last night I dreamed there was a Wiggles tribute band

catsmeat potter-pirbright [userpic]

after the primary last night

photo by Greta Page-Mann

catsmeat potter-pirbright [userpic]

I had anesthesia last week, and the first thing they told me was not to order anything online for the rest of the day

If I had know you could order a yak, though... from yaks n things....

Man takes sleeping pills, accidentally orders a yak online

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Laura Foster Franks sent me this meme. I would have responded sooner, but I lost my notes twice trying to work on my kindle.So, not the list I began with.....

“In your status, list 10 books that stayed with you in some way. Don’t think too hard. They don’t have to be the “right” books or great books of literature, just ones that affected you in some way. Tag 10 friends including me so I can see your list."

I don't count very well, apparently. And every time I add one, I feel like I'm missing another. But hey....

* yes, we all know what goes here....
1. All the Sharon Kay Penman, but especially The Sunne in Splendor
2. Rosemary Sutcliff - The Roman Britain books
3. Noel Perrin - everything
4. The Mabinogian
5. Thomas Costain- the 5 books about The Plantagenets
6. The Dark is Rising - Susan Cooper
7. Jim Fitzpatrick - The Book of Conquests and The Erinsaga
8. Julian May - The Many Colored Land series, except for the last book.
9. Dandelion Wine. All the Bradburys, but this, this, this
10. Kingdoms of Elfin - Sylvia Townsend Warner
11. Hokkaido Highway Blues - Will Ferguson
12. The manga Twin Spica left me a sobbing, uplifted mess
13. Thomas Burnett Swann. everything
14. The Holmes canon
15. Flowers for Algernon

and the entire Ballantine Adult Fantasy series, except for the James Branch Caball's, which I never got into (but probably should try again someday, as it is possible the reason I didn't like was that they were my ex's favorites)

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David Wenham joins the cast of Iron Fist


catsmeat potter-pirbright [userpic]

Alan Lee receives honorary Tolkien Society membership


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Today is siblings day.

My brother Chris and I are both only children.

Because I had to wait so long for him, when he came along I put him in my backpack and took him everywhere.

I insisted on having his crib in my room, and once he could stand, he would flip himself over the bar of the crib and into bed with me in the morning.

Before he learned to do that, he had a different way of waking me up. His uncle Norman was stationed in Germany when he was born, and sent him a teddy bear wearing lederhosen. It had a fine quality, but quite large music box in its tummy.

He would throw this out of the crib, and clunk me over the head to wake me. As you have probably figured out, this was less effective than he intended.

I believe his teddy had to have a little operation.

1963 or 4. right side: my dad. me, my brother Chris, my mum. Left side my (step) aunt and cousins

in this year The Man from Uncle, Tolkien and The Beatles happened to me. Space had already happened, in 1961

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lately I feel like I am fading away
becoming invisible to everyone

I thought this snow would be the last thing
I would ever wear

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I decided my new year's resolution would be 1920 x 1200, same as always....

catsmeat potter-pirbright [userpic]

January 3
A Toast: "The Professor!"

“He knew the dark under the stars when it was fearless"

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