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December 14:

Today is Monkey Day, and National Bouillabaisse Day. I won't be celebrating those quite so much.

Though Jim (notarysojac) was born in the year of the Metal Monkey which makes us a good zodiac match, since I am a water dragon (the year of the water dragon is just drawing to a close)

I've talked about my monkey aversion before. When I was small, (my parents split up when I was 3, so really small...) my Grandmother had a spider monkey. I was always terrified of it. Among the habits I remember was that it would lift the corner of the covers on the bed, shit in the bed, and cover it up again. apparently, I am never going to get past that image.

Also, George Washington passed away on December 14, 1799. For some reason, I read several books about George and Martha recently. One of the was *so bad!* I will link you to a couple of reviews that I enjoyed more than the book:
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