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fileg [userpic]

Jim and I had breakfast at Ihop on the way home from the dentist.

I was very disappointed to discover all the grinch green christmas items are mint flavored. I was rooting for pistachio.

Don't feel sad for me, though - I had cheesecake french toast!

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fileg [userpic]

We were watching the Gingerbread competition on the food channel.

One of the contestants made a giant book with a big castle and several dozen fairy tale stories. Bean Stalk, Baba Yagga's hut, Hansel and Gretel, etc...

One of the judges royally pissed me off (I'm looking at you, Kerri Vincent, you should know better) when she complained that "Some of the stories were obscure."

Excuse me?!?


Later we watched our first movie of the solstice season - The Hogfather. Our favorite seasonal movie.

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fileg [userpic]

The Friday Five for 9 November 2018: Because Cheese Is Important

1. What was the first type of cheese you ever ate?
Me: mozzarella / Jim: american

We both thought we didn't like cheese when we were little. That turned out to be wrong.

2. What was the type of cheese you ate most recently?
we had scrambled eggs with a 5 cheese blend for breakfast, of which asiago is my favorite

3. What is the most unusual cheese you ever ate?
Gjetost? I'm not adventurous.

4. What is your favorite cheese?
One!? I love Wensleydale, and it has completely vanished from our area.

5. What is your favorite dish made with cheese?
I've never had it, but I suspect Poutine is lying in wait for me.

fileg [userpic]

Jim and I are watching the Nova episode about supersonic flight.

I'm surprised no one but me has mentioned how much the Tupolev Tu-144 (Concordski) looks like a lawn dart.

with accompanying earworm by Ed's Redeeming Qualities...

fileg [userpic]

While I was waking up, my brain had this conversation with me -

Hey! Remember about 2 weeks ago, you had a song really earwormed in my head? Now I can't even remember what it was.

Obviously, if you can't remember it, I can't....

It was in some show you were watching.
C'mon, it's driving me crazy

Oh! It was Nat King Cole singing Walking My Baby Back home.

Thanks, brain. Now we have it stuck there again.

fileg [userpic]

I just had another facepalm moment

My excuse is, although I've been reading LOTR for more than half a century, I read it before I read The Hobbit and it so overshadowed the earlier book for me that I didn't learn to love it enough until about a decade ago.

Still, I knew Sting got it's name because it was the Spider's Bane.
So why did it take me so long to recognize how that foreshadows the means of Shelob's defeat?

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Fellowship on red vinyl
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fileg [userpic]

I was set up to record the episode of This American Life about the Influenza epidemic.

My DVR did not co-operate, so I went out to my PBS Passport and it happily told me -this episode not currently available.-

So, through Serendipity, I ended up watching the episode about the assassination of President Garfield. Really, almost everything I knew about him (which wasn't much) I knew because of the musical Assassins!

OMG, what an incredible documentary. I have seldom been so fascinated and so horrified at the same time.

fileg [userpic]

In 2018, fileg resolves to...
Become a better canada.
Go to the reading dictionaries every month.
Take evening classes in boromir.
Put fifty venture brothers a month into my savings account.
Stop writing with notarysojac.
Volunteer to spend time with john adams.
Get your own New Year's Resolutions:

fileg [userpic]

Doctor M is very shy, soft-spoken and polite. So I could not resist waiting until he had me on the table with my feet up to tell him, "This isn't the first time I've been in this position on my anniversary."

I kinda expected him to turn red and run out in the hall, but I actually got him to laugh.

Extra points - my first post treatment exam was considered All Clear. Yay!

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