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brodeurbunny30was answering the five questions meme - I have actually answered questions for it once before, but she had a question about Dave - it was which character David has played would you like to get to know better, and you can't choose Faramir --- (G)

She picked Diver, and I had to butt in and say: I think I would chose Paul Jackson/Jim Doyle from The Bank for my David crush - partly because I love beautiful-geeky-brilliant and partly because that's the role where I did fall for him, so I may have had that colour my feelings. The early stuff I had seen him in (The Boys was the first) did not inspire the *hot flash* reaction.

Here are the questions she asks me - and if you want me to ask you some, just say so. Please don't vacuum, though....

1. how did you get into birds? (i see many pics&prose about sparrows and such in your lj)

I don't know! I have always loved them. I can tell you that my connection to Ravens and Bluejays comes out of the Mythology side, but my overwhelming love for little brown birds (or micro aves brunii as Fritz would call them) comes directly from the birds themselves.

I love them. I love that they stay with you in the winter when you need them. I love the amazing trust they can extend, and yet not loose their wild or their wary. They are canny and independent.

I think they are extraordinary and beautiful, in the same way I am drawn to black and white photography and pencil drawing - without that underlying character, color would be a waste.

2. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live?
Toronto. but obviously, my real answer is - with Jim.

3. If you could be a member of the Fellowship, who would you be?
I have *always* wanted to be Aragorn.

I don't think anyone else would pick that for me, though. In my book discussion group, we were once asked who in LOTR we actually thought we were most like, and I had to admit to Fatty Bolger. If my friends had to place me in the fellowship, my best guess is that they would pick Merry.

4. What is the biggest moment in your life thus far?
This one. ( When that stops being your answer, you are in big trouble.)

I have had some biggies - not dying when I was three, marrying Jim, leaving Michael, losing my mother, learning to read....

5. Here's the david question, if you had two minutes with David Wenham one-on-one...what would you tell him?

I would not be able to tell/ask him anything. First, I am really shy in person, and second, I have worked with too many musicians, running interference with the audience - I could never approach someone on their own time. I could smile and perhaps wave.

If we are talking an unreal situation - I would like to tell him how unbelievably impressed I am at the way he loses himself in a part, submerging his Davidness and making the *character* believable and real, making that the focus of what he does. That his conviction comes through his roles, and that what he expresses with his face and eyes and hands elevates his characterizations above the script for me. And that I could kiss him for doing that for Faramir, because I desperately needed to believe in him, and he is the reason I am able to.

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