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old journals

A loose page from one of my commonplace books, undated:

Broadsides From The Other Orders by Sue Hubbell

...An exotic is an exotic only while we still remember that it came from somewhere else. Migration is often the mechanism of species spread.The foreigner’s success may be hard on the native species, which have generally developed a life suited to the way things are and were. Exactly. Thank You. But change is necessary to the living process. We don’t have to like this, of course; conservatism is characteristic of the already born.

Drums Along The Congo by Rory Nugent

....In the animist culture of the Congo, Trees are revered as the homes of spirits. By law, before an old tree on city property can be cut down, a witch doctor must be sumoned to entice its spirit into taking up a new residence. This process can take months, even years to complete. One unresloved case dating back to 1963 pits a mighty baoba spirit against a team of road engineers. Nine witch doctors have tried to vanquish the spirit, but each has failed. The tree is known locally as The Wood That Wouldn’t. The Brazzaville Highway department leaves such trees where they are and simply paints the trunks white.

“Drivers must be alert. Cars must go slow,” the supervisor of a work gang explains. “The tree was here first.”

My polaroid portraits of the chief and his council are a big hit, and as we are about to shove off, he opens his juju bag and hands me a quarter-inch stainless steel nut.

“It dropped from the sky five years ago. . . landed next to me while I was standing under that lime tree over there.” He points to a citrus tree near the riverbank.

The nut most likely fell from an airplane, and once we’re under way, Prosper asks if he can have it for his tool kit. “Stainless steel is hard to find around here.”

“Sacriledge!” Theo exclaims.”This has power! I can feel it!”

I let him keep it, and he drops it into his juju bag, he says,”Maybe the gods hold everything together up there with nuts and bolts.”

The Curious Eat Themselves John Straley

Creek street is a row of wood frame houses built on pilings over an estuary. Late in the year, the salmon run up the creek to spawn by the thousands. . . it was said to be the only body of water where men and salmon went upstream to do the same thing

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