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found tarot; Page of Swords, reversed

Page of Swords Reversed - Reckless

This card may turn up for yourself, or for someone who will affect you by their actions. Recklessness and speed are all important - and a total disregard for the consequences or the feelings of others, even (especially, sometimes) if they beg them to stop. They may lash out unexpectedly, and they may even derive pleasure from belittling others - especially for cowardice if they try to talk them into a more considered form of behavior. the keywords are sudden, unexpected, astonishing, reckless.

not stopping to think, not heeding consequences, gratification now, deception, refusing to face facts, stir up trouble- possibly just for fun, blame others, refuse to be talked out of a plan, false bravado, run off unprepared, run off at the mouth, demand gratification

It can also be a card of surrender or depression, and may indicate behavior designed to divert attention from the real problem (sometimes as a way to buy more time). It may indicate old wounds, especially from childhood, and a lack of dealing with them. At the mythic level, it may indicated the sort of problems that are associated with coming of age, and its attendant rituals.

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