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Rohan Lovers
Licia started a new community to share related information that did not have a home elsewhere

Check out this link to see the newest cool entry in Annaliese's self-portrait project- shadow dancing on a billboard in Portland.

I just want to celebrate Jim for a moment, because I don't do it enough.

First of all, if you don't have notarysojac on your friend's list, you should check out this post, and see how he makes science art, and art science.

Then I just want to thank him, for being my Faramir and my Valentine. There was some discussion over at Henneth Annun, prompted by a story Theresa green wrote, called "Revenge of the Fan Fiction Husbands" which included the idea that "if you own at least four geeky LotR items, your husband is entitled to join the veteran crusaders and have some personal words with King Elessar (or any other of your personal lust objects). "

Now, it's true I don't know too many guys in the on line fandom, but my own friends of both sexes are almost universally Tolkien fans. I know we are unusual in that we both are enjoying the geekage to the maximum - but I assume at least some of you come from 2 geek households? But far from complaining, I received from my valentine two huge boxes from Canada *full* of Army of Middle Earth figures.... and I bought him the Cowboy BeBop box set (music - Yoko Kanno and the seatbelts) So I also want to thank him for never expecting me to grow up.

we still sing this filk to each other in the car - because art is science is art

Tell me why the stars do shine
Tell me why the ivy twines
Tell me why the sky is blue
Then I will tell you just why I love you

nuclear fission is why stars shine
tropism makes the ivy twine
rayleigh scattering makes the sky so blue
gonads and hormones are why I love you


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