fileg (fileg) wrote,


well, leave it to me to open a big old can of whompass and run -

I am fine and i have not run away. I have Lee and Annaliese coming tomorrow, and I am forcing myself offline for awhile to clean at least one bathroom to show my love.

I will be back sometime later, after I eat my weight in low carb chocolate.

There will always be pics here (if not elsewhere as well,) I can't do a damn thing about how old I am, I have not outgrown hot weasle-sex (far from it - jim says when they told me I was turning fifty I thought they said fifteen) and any one who likes may friend, unfriend, comment or email me whenever they like. I will even respond when I can.

I am sorry about the dust up over on wenham weekly. but only because rohandove did not need the aggravation. and because I hate it if I look whiney, when I am picturing myself as Corvus the Raven, defender of the Fallen, flaming sword of the gods.

see you later.

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