fileg (fileg) wrote,


someone has been spamming all my journal entries with info about The Passion, links, some drivel about christian music and bloody pictures of christ.

I am a pragmatic pan-thiest, and I have nothing at all against the message of christ - but I mean that last bit literally - bleeding, blood soaked, tortured cross carrying pictures....

against certain followers who want to read it to me so I don't get the wrong idea, and interpret it all for me -- that's another story. And I work with musicians - if I want to feel spiritualy uplifted, i will go right to Dave Carter, thanks.

And I have my own ideas about passion, too. And you probably did not know this, but the sight of real blood I can deal with, but the sight of movie blood makes me heave - since there is no panic mode or anything that needs doing to distract me.

so you can stop now. this is not the journal you want - trust me.

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