fileg (fileg) wrote,

abc meme

from helveticat

A ~ Age: of Aquarius

B ~ Band listening to right now: Stephen Eicher

C ~ Career in future: dilettante

D ~ Dad's name: Thomas

E ~ Easiest person to talk to: Jim

F ~ Favorite song at the moment: Non-commercial Song by Oysterband

G ~ Gummy bears or gummy worms? I am sugar-free. (I am not splenda free) I like splenda sour fruit slices or mandarin orange drops

H ~ Hometown: Cranbury

I ~ Instruments: voice (though it comes and goes now) I can chord on the guitar well enough to sing something to someone who could play it for me

J ~ Job title: kept woman; web graphics and design, Lobby Mom of OSS (My actual OSS title is cybrarian. I made it myself, because I could.)

K ~ Kids: no. not mine, not other peoples. (fully formed individuals, no matter how young- yes)

L ~ Longest car ride ever: home from Oak Ridge Tennessee with Jim in one go, when he was there to participate in a session during the cold fusion moment; a stretch of the trans-canadian

M ~ Mom's name: Lois

N ~ Number of siblings: I have a half-brother

O ~ Oldest sibling? yes

P ~ Phobia[s]: insects, flying, the belt parkway

Q ~ Quote you like: "If I was afraid to break or bleed, I would find someone much easier to need" (Dave Carter)

R ~ Reason to smile: packages in the mail, notes on the desk from Jim, the invention of the macintosh

S ~ Song you sang last: Cage and Aquarium by They Might Be Giants (just now, to Jim) this always leads to I Want A Shoehorn - the kind with teeth

T ~ Time you wake up: about 5pm today, usually around 1-2 pm. (bed time is usually around 7-9 am)

U ~ Unknown fact about me: I could swim before I was a year old. OH, and most of you probably don't know I *love* sumo. (well known fact about me - makes up questions I like better....)

V ~ Vegetable you hate: I hate all vegetables, except potatoes and corn which I can't have, and pea soup. And ketchup, which president ronald "rubberbutt" reagan said was a vegetable... I like herbs, and they are vegetation...

W ~ Worst habit: late night shopping (Jim says -- I talk over other people)

X ~ X-rays you've had: teeth, right ankle when I fell and slid under a mailbox

Y ~ Yummy food: Genisoy raspberry crunch bar, Keto peanutbutter bar, asiago cheese, jamaican coffee, macadamia nuts, splenda chocolate-hazelnuts, pea soup Thursday at the Prestige diner, blackberry jam. (Favorite Cheats - Prestige cheese bread, pumpernickle bagel)

Z ~ Zodiac sign: Last deacon Leo - Corvus the Raven, Defender of the Fallen (I have a page with deacon info here

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