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found tarot: Judgement

for Annaliese, persephonesbear, lilithilien and helveticat


This is not a "generational" image to me, but a picture of stages in a life. All our potential, and all our wisdom, are always present - we just aren't always standing in the right place to see it. New seeds form in our hearts all the time, waiting for the right time to be planted and shared.

Judgment often shows for someone at a crossroads, but about to have an epiphany regarding their own change over the last few years - it is a card of leaving the chrysalis and drying your wings in the sun.

It can herald a perspective change that leads to a new awareness. It can be a wake-up call from your unconscious, looking for a voice of its own. It brings renewal, resurrection, exultation, wonder.

making a decision, separating the wheat from the chaff, making an appraisal, taking a stand, making hard choices

feeling reborn, awakening or opening to possibilities, transforming, enjoying renewed hope, making a fresh start, seeing everything in a new light, discovering joy

feeling inner conviction, feeling an impulse to act, deciding to make a difference, feeling drawn in a new direction, knowing what you must do, answering your need

feeling cleansed and refreshed, releasing guilts and sorrows, forgiving yourself and others unburdening yourself, feeling *washed clean*

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