fileg (fileg) wrote,

The Propaganda Avenger

Disclaimer: I have no particular interest in supporting alternate connections or satellite systems, just in keeping the Comcast lies out in the open.

woo hoo! I finally have a way to talk back to the freaking tv. So, Here's to you, comcast-

Comcast ad - young man on the phone says

so, if I get verizon, I might not get their fastest speed depending on where I live? But if I go with Comcast, I get your three meg service - up to three times faster...

The words "up to" are a clue here. At first glance, you might think they mean up to three times faster based on how fast your DSL connection is. But there is an inherent wiggle room here ...

See, I have Comcast, and the speed of my service varies all the time - depending on how many people in my sector are on line at once. Great if you are out in the woods with three people on your line. Not so good for me, since weekends sux and I can tell when the kids get home from school...

we'll save the rest of my comcast rants for now - I will get to them as their other frustratingly annoying commercial come on....

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