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drabble: November Sky

For some reason I don't understand, the LoTR100 stopped showing up in my flist. So, I have some catching up to do...

Boromir scanned the cold November sky.

“I wanted to see the stars. They are strange in the North, but look - the Archer has risen, in time for my brother’s birthday. Do you celebrate…”

“Elves do not mark such things, but I have spent time in Gondor…” Aragorn’s words felt soft in the dark. “You miss him.” He smiled. “Did you leave him a present?”

“I thought I had – when I undertook this journey in his stead.” Boromir turned his eyes back to the sky. “I did not understand until tonight that it was his gift to me.”

Notes: I can't help but think of the Stewards Family as Fire Signs. Boromir is practically the poster child for Leo, and Dad is an Aries if I have ever seen one. So, of course, I choose to think of Faramir as a Sagittarius - not just for the obvious symbolism of the archer, but for honesty, intuition, and the triumph of good over evil. In particular, I assume he is born in the first deacon - Lyra, the harp - symbol of words and weapons.
Tags: arda, drabble, fiction

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