fileg (fileg) wrote,

googling my names

this meme is all over my friends list today - image-google your name and post your favorite picture(s)

there were two pages of pics for fileg, and half of them were mine - pictures from my website - oh, and Faramir (see how we belong together...)

there were naked pictures of a young woman named Fille G brought to us by "Young Exotics." There was a chart produced for FIsheries LEGislation of the Adriatic Sea. Most of them were some variant on file g. Oh, more naked *cough* teens, How to fillet a fish. Glass nail files. These filled eggs at world of chocolate. And this, though it is 404 so I don't know what it is.

*powzie* brought up a single image (a graphic I did for the concert group I work with)

*Tay* as expected, brought up pictures of the river in Scotland that I am named for, it's bridge and its Loch. And pictures of Tay-Ninh (and its airfield) in Viet-nam.

This picture of Tayberries, which amused me since Nan-o always calls me tayberry or taybean. apparently from Aurora blackberry and tetraploid raspberry strains. Erect or semi erect very spiny canes. Fruit is well displayed and moderately easy to pick although more difficult when hot. Fruit is long conical in shape and bright red-purple in colour which goes darker as it ripens. Flavour is slightly aromatic and "Loganberry" like. I am indeed, more difficult when hot.

here's my banana label - ( bananas are parthenogenic, and one of the three mysterious items with no apparent terrestrial origin - I just had this discussion with helveticat a few days ago.

these, from the "fat plant discussion group." (WTF?)

I have a bridge, a war memorial, a fountain, a temple, the occasional *po-tay-toe,* some (taylor) guitars and some silly men going "O-Tay" like Buckwheat. Oh, and a poster labeled *tay away from drugs.*

I think my favorite is this one - from a Russian photo-manip site. (love the transplanted Beatles crossing Voskresenskay Road)


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