fileg (fileg) wrote,

shopping for lip gloss

I was on looking for a place on line to replenish my stash of Twinkie flavored lip balm (a stocking stuffer from Chris, and one I have unexpectedly become addicted to - ah, the taste of deep fried twinkies on my sugar-free lips) and to try and score some of the other flavors that I saw go by when the gang exchanges presents) and I found a site called LIPMEDIC.

They not only have most of this line, the also have the Spanish brand I have been having sent over for stocking stuffers ever year (sadly, Chris's favorite grapefruit flavor seems to be gone forever)

So, of course I am checking out new flavors and brands, and I discover this line , in flavors like "Don't Need No MANgo" and "Shaved Peach" ...

No? How about the Chicken Poop?

must go scrape laughing husband off the floor now....

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