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minor arcana challenge

This was part of my original minor arcana idea that got left behind:

shield drabble: At Risk

At Risk
for the minor arcana challenge at [info]lotr100
November 15 2003

“Where’s Frodo?” Merry asked, but that is not what my heart heard. Turning, my eyes found your shield, carried so long, leaning alone in the place where I thought you to be.

Scattered, divided, leaderless, my companions dispersed in all directions. What had made me think I could hold them together? Faith? Will? Love?

When I heard the high wail of the horn, I threw myself headlong into the fight, desperately trying not to see that I had already failed.

Why did you go off without me? After so long, what made you pick this moment to leave your shield behind?
Tags: arda, drabble, fiction

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