fileg (fileg) wrote,

my sweetie is sick

six am Saturday morning. No, there is no vacuuming (yet).

JIm came home craving chinese food, so even though he has been sick on and off all week I thought that was a good sign. He ate chicken with peanuts, put in the Big O box set and settled in for a weekend where we have no obligations and hoped to clear up some of our own projects. He fell asleep around episode seven.

I was forced to wake him around 1am for computer help - I was livid, wrestling with the newest trick Mozilla and Dreamweaver were conspiring in, and just as furious that I could not figure out how to fix it myself. We never did find out what it was, but I managed to kluge a work-around, and finally cleared enough space in my electronic day to take a hot bath around 2, and left him sleuthing the problem for closure, as engineers are wont to do.

I got out to find that he had been sick the whole time I was gone, and no end in sight. I know we have both been queasy and achy and sad, and I had two completely rotten days earlier this week, but he is really sick - I think he might have food poisoning.

He is finally trying to sleep now, but I can't sleep, I have to watch him sleep. I hate this helplessness. And if his mother wakes us by calling first thing on Saturday morning for her weekly complain about the neighbors session, she is in for a ride.

update: 8 am. he is finally sleeping, and I have been watching him breathe for ten minutes. Now I think I will see if I can manage to part company with my own insides without waking him.

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