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for the_reverand

for the_reverand

How old do you feel?
in catholic school they taught us that seven was the age of reason, and after that you were responsible for your actions, so most days I stick with 6 1/2. Though when I turned 50, my husband had to remind me daily it was not 15...

What is/was your favorite pet's name and why is/was it so great?
Spoo was my soulmate. He had so much trust in me that during his last year he would voluntarily climb up on my lap for his injections. we just did everything together. Powzie and Ginger are hardly nudged down by him, but he was amazing. Everyone who knew my little fox loved him.

Reveal/discuss something (the more arbitrary the better) you don't usually mention on your LJ, but is a thing/subject/occurence very dear to you.
I like to shower just before bed. I *love* the sensation of getting into clean sheets with clean skin. If I had a maid (or a washing machine) I would change the sheets every single day.

Briefly describe your surroundings.
I have posted pics of my geek nest - but right now, I am in the waterbed with my Ti-book on my legs, and my sick sweetie clinging to the other edge of the bed. The celtic books are in this room, and the Tolkien - in the barristers case that Jim and I built. there is a full laundry basket of Jim's Aloha shirts I didn't get to.

If love were a sound, what would it sound like?
My husband's wedding ring clattering onto the headboard

What's something you eat that you assume most people don't?
keto bars. yum. peanut butter and cheese sandwiches, sometimes with bacon. peanut butter and chocolate sandwiches for comfort food.

Describe your hands.
pudgy but graceful. Jim put my hand in this years solstice card. My hands appear in some of the illustrations in the book People of Pern but not because they are beautiful - because Robin made me be her slave labor - she needed reference for position of hands. I have a car door scar on the middle finger of the right hand. silver claddah wedding ring. short nails. when I grow my nails, I like outlandish polish and glitter, but the power book keyboard likes short nails.

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