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quiz: old queen

From Cruisedirector, of coursse. At least I'm not Edward II!

James I

James I (1603-1625)

You'd already been a Scottish queen for quite some time, when you were suddenly promoted to the premier league in England. You are definitely a gentleman of refined tastes, who loves big hats, big jewels, big shoes, and big men. You're a bit
past it and have a dodgy leg, but you've a keen wit and canny intellect, even if you spend far too much money on gifts and flowers. In fact, you're a 17th century Elton John. You had a wife, but now you like to forget about all that nasty business with girls. You have a fabulous life right up to the end, and you die of a stroke brought about by over-indulgence.

Which old Queen are you?
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