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imagine - fannish 5
I've done the big one of these questions before, so I decided to keep this at home and do it for me.

1. What music would your fandom's characters listen to?
North likes all music, starting with birdsong and bedsprings. She is particularly interested in the everyday music of the different culture she has passed through. She is least fond of heavily structured, formal music.

2. What cars would your fandom's characters drive?
North drives the locomotive - that would be Gwathithil - think heavy horse.

3. What pets would your fandom's characters have?
Ah, I actually talked about this in Good Hunting. It's too hard for her to love things with short life spans on an all-the-time basis. She gave that pup away, though she obviously loved him. I could see her bonding with a hawk, though I have never written her one. She is known to be fond (if not over-fond) of humans. She is totally bonded with Gwath, but he is *not* a pet.

4. What drinks/cocktails would your fandom's characters drink?
North doesn't drink, except for wine occasionally. She usually manages to get water into her goblet even at formal functions.

5. What do your fandom's characters smell like?
Wood spices - nutmeg, cinnamon - and new leaves, pollen and a touch of woodsmoke.

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