fileg (fileg) wrote,

music meme

because of who I am in my other life, I have a lot of cds. No really - a lot, *giggle*

helveticat asks the leading question:

and I attempt to give a straight answer - I have a cd player in the new car, and a short while back I bought Jim a portable cd/mp3 player. I will not try to tell you what is on mixed mp3 discs...

all the discs of the unabridged Silmarillion (I never fell in love with the Silm until it was read to me this way. I had to get past the Valar...)

Carter and Grammer:
When I Go; Tanglewood Tree; Drum Hat Buddha

deep dark ocean; deserters; alive and acoustic; rise above; alive and shouting

Stephen Eicher:
carcassonne; engelberg; taxi europa

Lou and Peter Berryman
The Pink One (has my favorite driving song "Bird, Bird, Bird, Bird, Cow, Cow..."

Stephen Fearing:
so many miles (live); that's how i walk; the assassins apprentice

Tim Curry:
fearless; read my lips

Tom Waits
1970 concert Romeo is Bleeding (sydney)

the box set on mp3

pete and maura kennedy:
river of falling stars

wyckham porteous:
sexanddrinkng; looking for ground

oil and gold; big night music

buddy holly:

Cliff Eberhardt:
the longest road

Farm Accident:

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