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Happy Victory over Sauron / Tolkien Reading Day / Gondorian New Year

Happy Victory over Sauron / Tolkien Reading Day / Gondorian New Year

I got asked this on many places today - I suppose I could pick a different quote (Or even a quote of the day - What do you think, Ness? Guthwine! Guthwine for the Mark!) But this is it - it appears in all y authors profiles (I still can't type that without giggling)

I have been reading Lord of the Rings since 1963. Sometimes compulsively.

The hardest thing for me to understand is how Book 2 - The Ring Goes South - can be my favorite section of the work, when my favorite character without doubt is Faramir, bursting with strength and integrity.

I can still remember how powerful it was to first encounter the golden heart of Middle Earth's sensitive new age warrior. Without undermining his ability to face down what he was there to do, Faramir had not surrendered his heart to war. I read this for the first time at the height of Viet-nam, and everyone I knew had taken an emotional side. I was a hippy peacenik myself. But Faramir's pragmatic mind and his loving heart reached off the page and forced me to confront his honor and his truth.

His simple avowal about not using falsehoods to ensnare your enemy was a lightning bolt across the propaganda so prevelant at that time. I have never lost the moment.

I have a Celtic brain and tend to think in triads. Here are the three qoutes which define my Faramir:

"I would not snare even an orc with a falsehood,"

" But I do not slay man or beast needlessly, and not gladly even when it is needed."

"War must be, while we defend our lives against a destroyer who would devour all; but I do not love the bright sword for its sharpness, nor the arrow for its swiftness, nor the warrior for his glory. I love only that which they defend..."


And here is my intiation story:

It was a Thursday in early June, 1963. I was almost 11, home from school with bronchitis, a compulsive reader, looking at paperbacks on the rack while waiting for my Da to pick up my medicine. Can I get a Book? He said yes, and I picked Fellowship of the Ring. I started it in the car on the way home, took it up to bed, and lost my heart to a pair of grey eyes in the firelight in Bree. I was crushed to find out there were two more books and I didn't have them. I spent the night imagining myself a ranger.

My Da tracked the other two books down for me the next day, and by the end of TT I was in love with Faramir. I stayed up and read straight through TT and RoTK.

Then I slept for an entire day, and when I got up,I started reading them again,more slowly, to really look at them. I read them over and over for about a month. I still read them about once a year.

I tracked down the hobbit next, and I have never warmed to it - it's ok, it was too juvenile to hold my interest, though there are some sections of lovely writing. I've read it once or twice since, but it doesn't do it to me. I am glad I didn't read it first.

On the day the Silmarillion was published, Jim took the afternoon off so that he could have it to give me when he picked me up. I liked it, but nothing came lose to LoTR. When I read the Books of Lost Tales, I finally fell in love with the first age, specifically, with Tuor.

But after all these years, I am still in love with Faramir, still reading LoTR.


I have been a little more interactive at HASA the last couple of days. This evening I really got inspired to actually do the final write on my story. So Did I write?

Um,... no. I spent the evening looking for the notes.

fortunately, I am compulsive about backing things up, so the fact that it had not landed in my writing folder was only mostly alarming. But currently, though I can do find" on my desktop, I can get it to work on the server.

So, I knew it was likely there were 2 copies in the folder where I have been putting things I need to sort. folders in folders in folders. in with thousands of unsorted graphics, loose drabbles, and things that Chris downloaded into several folders called "Crap for Chris".

And I had that typical fileg adrenaline cramping and had to go be sick in the middle.

Ah well - it only took an hour to find it (excluding being sick), I am inspired to clean out those folders (but pushing that urge down, because writing, dammmit, writing first.) and Jim came home with pea soup for pea soup Thursday at the Prestiege.

but, I was in no state to touch something I care about by then. So, hopefully tomorrow. gah.

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