fileg (fileg) wrote,

the mailman

the mailman just brought me the next two Mirage of Blaze dvds (wish I had had them last night and distracted myself from what I was doing - or more aptly, not doing)

He also brought me Sara Wheeler's biography of Apsley Cherry-Garrad, which chazzbanner recommended to me when we talked about polar exploration. It took sitting here with it beside me to repeat the name and realize I read and totally loved her book Terra Incognita: Travels in Antarctica so much that I also real Travels In A Thin Country about her travels in Chile - disappointing after the Polar book, but still a good read. Now that I know I have been swept up by her use of words before, I am more anxious than ever to read it. I think I will bump a few things in the que... have you read Thomas Keneally's "Victim of the Aurora ?"

The mailman, however, does not bring catfood, and I have a very annoyed animal prowling the hallway, unimpressed by tales that Da will bring home catfood this evening. Stupid Thumbs! How could you run out of cans? Do you think I care there is a pile of dry food that would get me through the summer? *sheds, and considers hairballing in the diningroom** Stupid thumbs.

(obscure Monty Python joke - Frosty has been shedding so much that Jim has taken to calling him Arthur "two sheds" Jackson."

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