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Summer Solstice King

mrkinch posted a beautiful drabble about Boromir to the seasons challenge at lotr100, and I fell right into my regular pattern of thinking about him as the summer solstice king to Aragorn's winter solstice king.

I have never doubted the relationship - it is there in every nuance of their relationship, the intricate patterns they weave as they exchange places and broken swords... it is the underlying bedrock of everything I write in this fandom.

Mrkinch opens with this beautiful line:
I left high summer in Rohan behind, traveling the North Road into autumn

and got me thinking again. I have often mapped in my head where he would be on his journey of 110 days, a "hero's journey," leaving his home on the 4th of July. How long was he in Rohan. Was he passed by Black riders on the road? (they crossed the Isen in September).

And yet Aragorn leaves on his "hero's journey" on the 25th of December - much more blatant than the July date for Boromir. Why does he leave so late? The summer solstice king should ascend with the solstice, around the 21st day of June.....

Fileg smacks herself in the head. Once more, very hard.

June 20th - Osgiliath falls, and four men alone live to reach the western shore. Boromir shares Faramir's dream that night - and rises with a burden born of the sacrifice, and the decision to go North - riding for winter.

How, how did this not fall into place for me in all my ramblings about solstice mythology in these books? probably because my own arc had me focused on a different dynamic for that day - and possibly because it was *so* obvious? thaks, mrkinch.

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