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icon breakdown

from quebelly
I change mine often, so I don't know how representative this is. And gender frequently isn't why they got chosen/made....

I wish I could load more, that's why I have been making so many with multiple images. I have a lot of *special interests* (G)

Icon meme - how do the icons I have loaded break down:

By Gender:

Male - 24
Female - 13
Male/Female - 4
Male/Female/Female - 0
Male/Male - 1(very lightly implied)
Female/Female - 0
*other - 17

By Fandom :

Tolkien: 21
Faramir: 8
earth magic: 7
david w: 5
art: 5
birds: 4
spirit / dreams: 4
writing: 4
music: 3
north: 3
retro: 2
rodentia: 1
first fandoms:1
family: 1

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