fileg (fileg) wrote,

HASA will be 2 years old on Tuesday, and there was a call for birthday presents in the form of a drabble prompt:
1) Éowyn or Galadriel (because Mike and Una get to pick their favs)
2) birthdays/anniversaries
3) Henneth Annûn
4) gift-givings (in the broadest possible sense)

I walked far that day, and at every stop I found myself caught in a
memory of the past. I pictured each place as I had loved it, overlaid
each vision on the barren present, made each vision my hope for the
future. Was it the soil upon my hand that let me stand so clearly in
both times?

Later in the pub, my companions gently teased me for giving my elven
gift away. "This was not my gift," I laughed, "this the Lady gave to
me in trust."

Merry slowly smiled. "Are you going south tomorrow? May I come?"
Tags: arda, drabble

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