fileg (fileg) wrote,

National Poetry Month - Robin Williamson

Only Dave Carter's words ever rivaled the way I feel about Robin's

Robin Williamson
verses at Balwearie tower

as how a dream becomes a way
no seed becomes a tree
so seemly law law short shrift allows
to the dream that weighs on me
all for to gain some key of trespass
through the beautiful or the cruel
in wakeful coin I paid at every asking
long ago

in that place where love is given
the same where love is received
see how the web is woven
see how the truth is believed
there was a calm that called me so
in weal or woe at rest
to rest rest my heart
within that heart of darkness
long ago

sweet is the light of morning
and fair is eventinde
quietly once as the shade there passed
along the waterside
to seek the springs of human joy
or the shores of human care
a man whose name was written on the waters
long ago
Tags: poetry, poetry and lyrics, poetry month

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