fileg (fileg) wrote,

Gettin Square

I haven't been writing much - Jim has been battling a head cold (that seems to actually be another part of the cold he had before) and I have been sort of hovery. This morning I couldn't sleep, I was too sneezy and itchy. I popped some nyquil and slept from noon til now -

swallowing is not the best idea I ever had, apparently. ow.

But Jim is feeling better, he spent the last hour rubbing my feet and talking plot line (his and mine) to wake me, and now he is making me a squishy peanut butter sammich on low carb squishy bread with splenda blackberry jelly, and jamaican coffee.

Jim gave me a story he wrote for my private arc last night. I am on the couch with my powerbook on my leg watching Hugh Jackman in Swordfish.

And there was mail I missed by sleeping - so not only do I now have the Season 2 SeaChange, I have Gettin Square!

So, life is pretty good, and now I am going to try to stop sneezing and drooling my way through it. Tomorrow I must stock up on Nyquil caplets (snot-lets, we call them, the gel caps) and see if my local has any InuYasha to rent.

**oh, and edrys - proverb made a great Eomer icon for the lotr_icontest -- you may need to adopt it after the voting. In fact, Eomer was the theme of the week, so you may want to pop over there and check things out...

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