fileg (fileg) wrote,

I was working with this clip I pulled of the havens tonight, making an icon, and I had one of those moments where you smack yourself in the head and wonder how you never thought about these two visual transformations before

(waiting for the movie is no excuse here - these two scenes could be right out of my own head for fourty years...). These moments of irrevocable decision - though I don't always stop to think about them that way, since they both seem so completely natural to me.

I will admit, I think of the passing of the Argonath in terms of Aragorn and Boromir. Tonight I suddenly thought about it in terms of Frodo - slightly intensified in the movie, when Aragorn encourages Frodo in particular to look up and see that they are passing a boundary (and that nothing will ever be the same again). These two places represent the real power of Frodo for me (I am so not a Frodo girl. but I am always trying to understand more about everything) These are two places, where I see Frodo make his own decision, to be responsible, to understand that things can only be put right if he is *willing* to go forward alone... hmm.
Tags: arda

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