fileg (fileg) wrote,

spell check

Had to look these two up:

Denethor, try: dene thor, dene-thor, tenth, nether, teether, denier, Dennet, Denver, denser, Dene, dent, tenter, dearth, neither, teethe, Kenneth, beneath, denote, death, diner, donor, teeth, tenor, Deneb, depth, tenet, Danette, dinette, dither, tenths, tether, Dene's, Deneen, Denney, Guenther, anther, daleth, darner, downer, tensor, zenith, deanery, deniers

So, maybe Bottomer takes after his Dad, "Beneath"

imrahil, try: immoral, amoral, Amarillo, armhole, immorally, amorally, armorial

Ah, I just love all of Imrahils....
Tags: spell check

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