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V&A redux?

I have been missing the V&A days recently, and have had several conversations that make me think some of you do, too...

It's hard to say why it petered out - these things come and go in cycles, fanfads I guess... and our own group had one of those RL splits... but I still find myself directing people to that forum, and finding out they can't get there.

I have a page on gryphonsmith where I posted the *maps* but I think the interchange and the sharing, and especially stretching the forms till they thrummed like rubber bands is the best part of the process. Even userfriendly directions can't convince someone that the villanelle can be flat out fun like seeing undonne's praises of the noble Richard Sharpe...

So, my partners in crime -- is there any interest is seeing if a LJ V&A would fly as a community? not a moderated lesson, but sort of a meeting in the virtual pub? In addition to what we used to do - explaining a form we are currently obsessed with - we could do something similar to the lotr100 - throw out a challenge subject, and answer in verse, silly or serious, with the understanding that we will also try to answer anyones questions about form or process?

Most recently, irian asked:
It took me a while to figure out how a terzanelle works. Rhyme schemes weren't exactly a strong point in my high school and college English curriculums... But I do try my best. You wouldn't happen to know anything that would help me in that aspect, would you?

I am one of *those* people - I see things in patterns and symbol, have a feel for rhythm. It's everyday I don't do well - things like crossing the street or following a linear conversation....

that said - the best way to get familiar with things like verse forms it to use them fearlessly. Make lots of mistakes, write about silly subjects that you feel on solid ground with, play with sounds and using the repeating lines to give you a moment to think. I'm sure people don't think of The Itsy Bitsy Spider as repeating poetry, but really, it is...

I used to run a forum at Henneth Annun called verse and adversity and one of the things I found was that there is no reason not to write the directions for a verse form out as a map you want people to follow instead of as an **archaic spell that has too much power for you, puny human...** we wrote poems about Sean Bean's body, dirty LoTR limericks, and real, moving poems that were meaningful to us, love poems of fandom passions...

the directions for the forms I wrote out are on my website here, but if you are a member of HASA, I really recommend the V&A forum to see the process in action.

sharing is one of the best parts of familiarity, though - I wonder if some of the old gang want to play here....


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