fileg (fileg) wrote,

embarrassing David Wenham

well, he helped... the_oxymoron wanted to make some animated David icons, so I *cough* slipped her a folder of Johnny Spiteri pics and today she posted these. (Her icon journal is friends only, so I am posting them here to make sure they get seen...)

if you go here and scroll down to Gettin Square, you can see about 60 shots from that scene, and if you click the link below, you can download the full folder of about 200 original caps for a few days [ they are sucking up too much room and I will be pulling them down this weekend.]

Johnny Spiteri sports a tattoo on each shoulder in Gettin Square, but they are never mentioned. I have never seen a tattoo on David in any other movie, so I was wondering if anyone read anything about them?


I am watching Beyond The Sea - it is one of my favorite x-files episodes, and Brad Dourif is so... so... how does he do that?

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