fileg (fileg) wrote,

What's in Annaliese's Suitcase

Annaliese is in town overnight to do a photoshoot tomorrow at the Giants Draft Day Party at the Meadowlands. So what do you travel with?

Annaliese packs: In her suitcase (part of this list is my fault - things I am sending her home with)

Bender (her ibook)
Boromir Action Figure
2 glass bottles of sugar free german chocolate cake flavoured syrup
4 cameras
eyore pajamas
ipod (named: My Precious)
picture of Lego (her dog, named for legolas, or lickolas as we say here)
Peter O'Toole on dvd (my favorite year)
cowboy boots
tank top with Buddha
3 1/2 Go Lean bars (Malted Milk Ball flavour)

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