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Big Dive

I had to separate this from the last post - thought they are related.

Those of you who know me and my family know I am lucky enough to own a passel of beautiful art - both prints and some astounding original graphics, many of which were gifts.

One night several years ago, Lee and I were sitting up late and I told him that although I had many pieces of his that i loved, I would always be sorry that I didn't own a piece he had done under extremely silly circumstances called Nessie's Big Dive.

Robin had done a book cover for a Llewellyn book about the Loch Ness Monster, and she had to draw the creature exactly to the specifications of the art director, even though the result was the silliest thing we could imagine. She had made the creature itself on an overlay, and she usually made book cover art into something with a different background to sell after the book was done.

Robin said there was not a thing to be done with the silly monster, and Lee said there was always something. She peeled the big green guy off the page and dared Lee to make it work.

He showed up at the next convention art show with Nessie, turned into the vertical position, plummeting into a bucket of water like the diving horses at Atlantic City when I was a kid, or the daredevil at many a hick country fair.

It was hilarious, and of course it sold. And then I was sorry I had not bought it myself.

So, for Yule, Lee made me this beautiful watercolor bookmark. It hangs right over my computer station, and is one of my all time favorite pieces, and one of my favorite presents as well.

This doesn't really give the full impact of the beauty of plummeting Nessie, but it had to be done.


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