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James Stephens and origins

I am setting up a V&A journal - more on that soon.

Since I had that old book of nature poems out to find Measure Me Sky, I encountered a few other poems that had a big emotional impact on me as a kid. This is one of them. It seems very simplistic to me now (though it still made me tear up and hug Frosty) but it haunted me then. But I did notice the patterning of the lines. I wonder if this is one of the early places my fascination for interlocked verse came from.

The Snare
James Stephens

I Hear a sudden cry of pain!
There is a rabbit in a snare:
Now I hear the cry again he cry;
But I cannot tell from where.

But I cannot tell from where
He is calling out for aid!
Crying on the frightened air,
Making everything afraid!

Making everything afraid,
Wrinkling up his little face!
As he cries for aid;
And cannot find the place!

And I cannot find the place
Where his paw is in the snare!
Little One! Oh Little One!
I am searching everywhere!
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