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a couple of quick things:

Made this icon tonight from the new Decipher card. whether or not it will surface in the movie - who knows. But lilithilien would this help for your TM? and you didn't tell me the journal name....

and austin, just in case you see this - my mail bounces to all your addresses... miss you.

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these last few writing quizes have been much too correct. Except about that plot thing, it's overrated... gah...

Jim's mom got moved to the hospital she likes better, and they don't think she had a heart attack. Her calcium levels are screwed up again, though. Last time they said it would take weeks to fix, (this is because I don't think they know what they are looking for) and it was days. But the time before that it was weeks... so I don't know what will be happening on that front. (but Jim's company is right in the middle of a big split off, and he is the only one who handles the web work, so it's such a good time for him to be distracted. And, Mother's day is coming - I am betting that's the day we end up having to go to New York to move her back home... I am such a bitch!)

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