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The Fan Fic meme

I wasn't going to do this one, since my pool of stories is so small, but the two writers quizzes this week made me laugh so much...

When did you write your first "Fanfiction" piece? What was it for?
March of 2003. First venture was for the HASA Denethor poetry challenge, first story was for the first quarter quickies.

Did you actually post it anywhere?
At Henneth Annun

What series have you written fanfics for?
Tolkien only. ( a little Marc Remillard for TM, but not enough...)

If you had the chance to have the original creator turn any of your fanfic into an actual real piece, which story would you choose?
Breathe (with Peace) because it establishes two things that are dear to my heart - the Faramir is NOT weak, he is storng in a different way than Boromir. And that Boromir is mourned and remembered by his city and those who loved him.

Any Original Characters (ones that got named) that you had inhabit the series universes? If so- who/where? (yes, this is where we embarrass you by revealing your dark secrets!)

I have a few background characters, and of course North is my not-so-secret sin. But I don't let them loose. Only my friends have seen them, and not much. North does appear in Farad Maer as an unnamed ranger, and in Field of Flags, the story that will neither be written nor die. No interaction with canon characters in these stories.

Oh, the nameless Orc in Slouching Toward Gondolin is mine, too. You can embarrass me with him if you like....

Do you have any weird music quirks that help you write?
I have mixes set up for when I am thinking about certain characters, but when I am writing, I need it to be quiet. That why I hate the upstairs vacuuming -

What are common "themes" you hide in your stories?
Do I have any? I guess -- Dreams. Repeating patterns in history and mythology. Recognizing individual strengths. Personal dynamics. And Windy Rhetoric, and lack of plot...

What are your favorite characters to write POVs from?
I love everyone I have spent any real time with. I am happiest when Faramir or Pippin or Tuor speak to me. Halbarad was a joy and a heartbreak. Introspective Gimli was a surprise.

What story of yours do you wish more people would read and love?
I don't think I have ever thought about that. maybe Home By Morning because it is so much my own. or Breathe (the version that includes Peace) just because it is my baby....

If you could pick a specific scene of your story to be made into a comic-book/doujinshi format, what scene from what fanfic would you pick?
[ North's arc- The Little Brown Bird story. ]
The beginning of Breathe or the end of River of Fallen Stars

And last but not least - why do you like writing fanfiction?
it's not like it was my idea...

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