fileg (fileg) wrote,

Yummy Boromir!

My Annaliese called tonight to tell me a strange and sad tale

Though she was only here for a few days this trip, as usual she had a collection of loot to take home, and ended up boxing up most of what she had picked up here with some more goodies from the other end of her NY trip, and sending it home so she could negotiate the plane with four cameras and her luggage.

The box arrived tonight, and she opened it, thinking she had opened it upside down, because the bottom most objects were on top... but the label was still on the top...

I had, perhaps not too wisely, sent her home with 2 large glass bottles of our favorite German Chocolate Cake flavored sugar free syrup. There was only one in the box now, which had obviuosly been hastily repackaged in reverse of the order she packed it in. (no note or explanation of this, but also no sign of the bottle that had obviously broken, since there was a sticky packing blanket -- and a German Chocolate Cake coated Boromir action figure.

She was concerned about the cavalier attitude of repackaging her mail, and glad she had not put any of the cameras in the package. She did say the blanket could be washed, and I said Boromir could, too.

To which she replied, "With my tongue!"

I spent the rest of the evening pondering why the accidents I get involved in never require me to lick a Gondorian clean....

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