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Sons Of The Never Wrong

I haven't been around much this week - just busy, for the most part. I am hoping this weekend will give me time to write, do laundry, and catch up here. And that Jim gets to spend both days at home.

If any of you have not been to the Middle-earth from space site - you probably need to go...

Piglet, currently my lone hamster, has suddenly gotten frail and lost all the fur on her belly. She has fur on top, and on her tail, which makes her look like a cartoon wolf-in-sheep's-clothing. Or a naked mole rat in a coon skin cap. (She is 2 1/2, so about par for a roborovski. But I hate it when they are doddering and there is nothing I can do to help.)

mrkinch,I managed to take a few pictures of a single duckling today.

I know there are more under the yew, so I am hoping to get better shots tomorrow. On the way into Princeton tonight, we got held up across from the lawn by the boathouse while a *stretch hummer* navigated the corner. The lawn was totally awash with fluffy grey canada goslings.

Jim took me to see Troy on Tuesday, Chris was here Wednesday and Thursday - (Jim was setting up her old computer so she can take it to New Hampshire this weekend for her nieces) and tonight we went into Princeton to see The Sons Of The Never Wrong play.

They were, as always, amazing, though it was brutally hot in the church, and when someone decided to open the back door to let some air in, cicadas became the percussion section of the band (and sue does *not* need help) and they had to be - and I mean this literally - shoveled out of the kitchen area. After, we went out for food and I ate French Toast which I am currently paying for with a carb headache for which I have only myself to blame.

So, I just want to share this, *especially for those of you I miss so badly.*

Small Bird
( b. roper, s demel; sons of the never wrong)

i dreamed you were a small bird
flying just below the clouds
and there i stood among strangers
i looked up, and i cried "i love you" from the crowd...
that's how love goes
that's how love flies away..

and i dreamed that my heart was never broken
lost in time or held at bay
by tiny birds to whom i had spoken
and then sailed away...
oh, what am i going to do...
grow wings of virtue...
learn to fly or live without you...

and one fine day, i'll be an arrow
of quiet passion to pierce your side
and i trust you'll be aware of me as i rise
and shall i lie you down in fields of flowers
or in some secret place from your childhood you recall,
or upon my bed
for hours and hours,
to take the fall...

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