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Ebert Declares War [from ""]
Today on "Ebert and Roeper", the ROTK DVD was under review and got thumbs up from Roeper. Then, the fans were put under review by Ebert when a comment was made about buying the theatrical release, and the Extended versions, AND the trilogy set which is rumored to be available by next year. Roeper commented that many ringers would most likely buy all copies of the film due to the hardcore following. To which Ebert commented, and I quote "I have one piece of advice for them, it is time to get a life."

I spoke at length before about how much Ebert pissed me off when he spoke after the academy awards - not just his attitude about LoTR (and later the LoTR soundtrack) but about the physical attributes of women (not characters - women)

Yes, this is my obsession. I chose it, when I suppose I might have chosen alcohol, drugs or something more mainstream and to your liking sir - well, get stuffed. I think the line between being critical for a living and a judgemental asshole in real life may have blurred for you. And, you might also want to think about the difference between reasoned critique and personal whims.

My obsession, which tells you I might need a life, tells others that I read, I like symbolism, character and mythology. I interact with other story oriented people, share ideas and words with them.

Want to look down on me for writing fan fiction? Then you should not have written the screenplay for Beyond The Valley of the Dolls., should you...

I love being told to get a life by a man who once found it necessary to slam a theater at length on the air because they didn't want to get you fresh popcorn, as it popped.

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