fileg (fileg) wrote,

fannish5: Animated 5

I don't have enough fandoms to do this most weeks, but I can do this one with a little stretching:

1. What was the latest animated movie you've seen? Did you like it?
Watching Princess Mononoke as I type. Yes.

2. What is your all time favorite animated film?
Gah. Changes all the time. At the moment I would be torn between Grave of the Fireflies and Lilo and Stitch (skitzo much?)

3. Which animated film would you be most willing to buy or see as a re-release in the theatre?
I buy them all the time. I like animation better at home, actually. At the moment I am thinking about buying InuYasha

4. What is your favorite animated film soundtrack?
Cowboy Bebop

5. What animated films do you read or write?
Don't but it would have redheaded bishonen if I did.

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