fileg (fileg) wrote,

Mithril Semi-Finals

I have been watching the Mithril semi-finalist messages roll slowly in, and I have been pleased and delighted to see my very talented friends being acknowledged.

Avon is listed for Ties of Love in Best story focusing on Men and Best vignette (I nominated this - and I references it in undonne is in for Every Good and Perfect Gift (I nominated her as well, but for this story.

jenlittlebottom is up for Voices Of The Forgotten which I had not seen till just now. Woot! Go!

stultiloquentia is up twice, for Rose Riddle; and for Song of Salt which did so much to solidify the Tuor/Ulmo connection in my own head. (I nominated this one, too!)

aesc is up for The Master Light of Seeing, The Straight Way, and The Hour of Splendor.

stewardess is up for Shining One in the category of Best drama, and Find the Sun in “Best romance or erotica - slash”.

And undonne got the nod for The Corsair Papers</em>! (my contribution to this consisted of introducing Flick and Lee, and watching the sparks fly) and for Darkness Falls (an incredible sestina with a hidden current of love that blew me away, *especially* since I have never managed to finish writing one)

Who else? C'mon, don't be shy, let us know! I'll update this list as we know.

I had been contacted for permission to nominate River, so I guessed it had not made the cut... so, I was flabberghasted to get this note today. I profess to be ambivalent about writing awards, but there is no denying it is a thrill to getting this kind of feedback. (No joy for River though (Grin)) I am doing the happy dance to see the finished Breathe on that list.

Congratulations! The following works written by you have reached the semi-finals of the Mithril Awards 2004:
Ascension in the category of Best poetry - long
Breathe in Best story focusing on Men and Best characterisation - Tolkien character
Gifts of Life in Best Lord of the Rings and Best gapfiller
Slouching Towards Gondolin in Best story focusing on other races and Best characterisation - original character

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