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Your State's Name Here

It's cold and rainy ( my faovrite! yay!) I had a great time with my friends last nigh (I am a goofball) and Chris found me sugar free Italian Ice in a pink lemonade flavor. It was so good I gave myself a terrible soft palatte brain-freeze and my teeth ached for half an hour (I am *way* sensitive to cold foods these days )

I am lounging on the lazyboy with Jim, duelling powerbooks and picking a movie (probably Bubba Ho-Tep) and life would be lovely if I were not so creaky-old and if the entire internet were not moving as though we have been squeezed down to one lane and everyone is behind an old couple reading the map and doing 20.

I have been craving the incredible music of Lou and Peter Berryman all day, it just fits the entire mood. You may get the lyrics for the song about slouching on the davenport reading The Onion before the day is done. But this was already typed up for other nefarious purposes:

Your State's Name Here
©1988 L&P Berryman. Words by Peter, Music by Lou.

(Lou sings everything exept that which is bracketed, which Peter sings)

Sometimes when the grass is blown by the breeze
There's a far away look in the leaves of the trees
A memory returns, heartbreakingly clear
Of a place I call home, [Your state's name here]

No sky could be deeper, no water so clear
As back in the meadows of [Your state's name here]
I'm gonna go back, although I don't know when
There's no other place like [Your state's name again]

Oh [Your state's name here], Oh [Again], what a state
I have not been back since [a reasonable date]
Where the asphalt grows soft in July every year
In the warm summer mornings of [Your state's name here]

My grampa would come and turn on the game
And fall asleep drinking [Your local beer's name]
While gramma would sing in the garden for hours
To all of [The names of indigeonous flowers]

The songs that she sang were somewhat obscure
She learned from the local townspeople I'm sure
The language they use is not very clear
Like [Place a colloquialism right here].


I'd love to wake up where [The state songbird] sings
Where they manufacture [The names of some things]
Like there on the bumper, a sticker so clear
An I, then a heart, and then [Your state's name here]

Whisper it soft, it's a song to my ear
[Your state's name here, your state's name here]
It's there I was born & it's there I'll grow old
By the rivers of blue and the arches of gold...


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