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Acceptance and Critique

I sent my four element drabbles to review at Henneth Annun, and much to my surprise, the were not only accepted, they did much better than I expected. Review at HASA, although it is the luck of the draw, can be *very unfriendly* to short works, no matter what their quality, and this was sort of a test case for me, to see if that could be overcome.

I expected a heavy round of delines that left nice comments, and comments telling me that short forms are not stories, and that I had not stuck to Middle-earth mythology.

Unbelievably,*no-one* gave me the usual no plot / no length pull-down. I had two declines, one for the standard "undistinguished writing" without comment that I almost always get these days, (maybe I have a rabid anti-fan?) ...
but the last review covered almost every single thing I expected to hear - I was mentioned for: factual errors, unworkable AU, I had misspelled Andúril (well, that was true, I uploaded from the uncorrected copy. Must learn to called my drafts different things, LOL! But I am always amazed that people will decline for one misspelled word, instead of leaving a note about correcting it.) AND: *drumroll* :  "Also, the grail legend has no place in Middle-earth." Ta-da!

I love the idea that I might be corrupting the purity of Tolkien's mythology by speculating using Myth, Celtic Culture and Catholicism - oh, and allowing Arwen to have a moment of choice and epiphany. I wonder if this reviewer realizes that christian mythology took the grail legends from the Celtic tradition. I sure am glad the professor doesn't know his writing took me to such outlandish places! From now on, I should endeavor to stick to the kind of sources he might have used himself.... oh, wait! LOL!

Honestly, I take criticism pretty well, and consider it seriously even if I don't incorporate it in the end. But I have no desire to stop speculating because of cannon police. fiction = speculation.

I love - I think - I write. Learning as I go...
Tags: critique, writing

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