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musical observation and stuff

note: it is impossible, having made one Norwegian Wood icon for Troy, not to want to amuse yourself with the entire song.

Corollary : It's even worse if you remember John Lennon saying it meant "knowing she would"


Jim and I held most of the swords, and Anduril, to my surprise, did not do it to me, in spite of my brain whispering Telchar wrought me in the depths of time....

However, Strider's ranger sword, now available with the scabbard and scabbard knife, and the belt with whetstone and Aragorn-y bits..... guh! Jim wanted to buy it on the spot, but I am incapable of doing that without pricing it on line first. He (possibly under the influence of Alan Lee, and at least somewhat in thrall to North) has fallen for Hadahfang.

And OMFG! I knew we were scheduled to get Boromir's sword this year (partly why I long so for the ranger sword) but they finally have the Rohan swords in production. I nearly swooned in Toronto. So did Jim, actually, over the interface between Eomer's sword and scabbard.This could be very very bad...


Got a belated notice today that I am also mithril nominated for Telling The Bees and that Jim is nominated for Whistling Past The Graveyard, which I am completely thrilled about. (Yay Sweetie! Anybody else here write with/for your partner?)


sorry if this is disjointed - Jim took me to dinner and bought me *cake.* Icing sugar, when you are not in the habit of sugar at all, might as well be alcohol. The last time I had cake it was my birthday, and the icing turned my tongue blue. When I was questioned about that, I apparently made a very rude remark about woad covered warriors. I also apparently made all the men I know show me their scars...

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