fileg (fileg) wrote,

uncooperative characters

Today was Avon's Birthday (actually, I was probably already a day late when I started trying to pull things together - I never seem to get a handle on the time difference, due to my own weird hours but we seem to be about 24 hours apart. Just can't remember who is ahead....)

For her birthday drabble, she requested Aragorn-Legolas friendship, or failing that Boromir-Faramir interaction.

Ok, my handle on Legolas is tenuous and changing, but Boromir-Faramir? I have been known to write that...

So, after transcribing my notes -- Boromir has walked out of my Faramir story, and wandered into Aragorn-Legolas where he has decided to spend his time ... no, you won't even believe me. Hopefully by tomorrow night I will know where this is going to land. Possibly the bin - do you hear me, Blade? I am *so* not afraid of you, so don't make that face at me.

Happy Birthday, Avon! It's the big guy's fault, I swear.

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