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goddess money

from avallonia

goddess money

"Goddess Fortuna, Roman Goddess of Fortune, stands with bare feet on top of the world holding a star in her hand, connecting Heaven and Earth. Fortuna, who guides the destiny of the world, showers the Earth with gold coins from Her Horn of Plenty. The gold coins symbolize the pure essence and alchemy of our True Self – the Self connected to Divine Source. Our true source of wealth comes from our connection to Divine Source.

The watermark on the bill depicts the Egyptian Goddess Maat – Goddess of Cosmic Law and Divine Justice. Maat’s all-seeing Eye pierces the veil of Planet Earth preparing the Way for an economic paradigm that reflects the Truth of an Abundant Universe.

Goddess Money as an archetype points to the birth of a new economic paradigm – She invites a new relationship with money based on the Feminine principles of love, trust, cooperation, inclusiveness, peace and faith in the eternal Abundance of Life."

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