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boromir's boat

I was about 20 minutes into my extended TT when the phone rang. I was determined not to answer it unless it was Chris, but it was one of my heart-sisters and partners in crime, Robin Wood. She was calling because she wanted to frame by frame with me, and I told her I had not seen it yet. "Go NOW," she said. "I almost called you at 5am last night to tell you - 'Faramir- End of Disc One - Your heart, justified And then call me RIGHT BACK."

So, at 1 am I called her back, and it is now 6:22 am and we both had to allow for bodily functions of one sort or another or we would still be blithering at each other. She is still distraught over the elven deaths at Helm, and I have not quite forgiven the lack of Hama's rightful place. We think that is an awesome place to be after so many hours of movie. A+

SInce I am so toasted I am not sure I can even manage a tarot card before I collapse, and since I did not answer anyone's mail or read drabbles and stories I see piling up, Robin said I could share this:

I own and love this painting of Boromir in his Funeral Boat by Robin. It was one of several cards she painted for a very early Tolkien card based game by Iron Crown.

When we did this same conversation thing for movie one, Robin and I had a loooong Boromir mythology conversation. Then she found the original of this painting and sent it to me so she would know he was with someone who cared that much. I burst into tears when I first saw him, dark haired, gently smiling, under the water of life. My only problem is that he looks so young. But I understand the peace and rebirth of Boromir’s journey, and my own feeling that in a sense, Faramir is Boromir's rebirth. Later, this painting made me wonder if Faramir might not be struck by the similarity to himself when he sees Boromir’s face in the water.

art © Robin Wood, used with permission
Tags: arda, robin

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