fileg (fileg) wrote,

Make Friends and Play Nice

Happy Solstice! (And barring calendar variation, happy anniversary Aragorn and Arwen...)

Annaliese has just set up her very own live journal, so she can collect words the way she has been journaling her pictures.

(Annaliese's new photo of Henneth Annun)

But Yahoo-the-damned will not let her in to her mail, and so, since she can't verify her address, a plaintive wail just arose from my couch -

Annaliese: "I have no friends; I can't make friends, and it's all your fault, Yahoo!"

So I thought some of you might want to go over to shuttergal and befriend her so she has a welcoming committee when Yahoo finally allows her to get in.

Tomorrow we will send Annaliese north to photograph golf in Westchester, and then Boston. But today we are off to see Harry Potter.

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