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in german!

I recently had a request from a German LoTR archive that specializes in Gimli to translate my story "Gifts of Life." The archive is called Naugrim, and my story is here.

This was a real kick for me, since I seldom write dwarves, and in fact, I wrote this for the Crossover challenge at Henneth Annun where we swapped stories and had to write about a race of Arda we had not written for before. I drew Gimli without Legolas, and Orcs.

This story is Gimli and Merry sharing ale, traditions and making gifts for the wedding of the King. I have to say, a dwarf story just looks completely right in German. I can't wait to show it to Jim - he speaks a little German, (mine is rudimentary - mostly words I remember from my grandmother Muench, therefore mostly about food!)
Tags: arda, writing

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